Blaeberry Mountain Lodge and Adventure Tours, Golden, British Columbia, Canada. Your hosts take pride in offering accommodation in their lodge and cabins for visitors from all over the world.


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hiking to the top of "Red Indian Mountain" with view down to the Blaeberry Valley and our property.

View from the Lodge & Cabins.

Winter Sunset

Winter view from the Lodge

Walking through the woods

Horseback Riding along the Blaeberry River

Skyberg Cottage

Horseback Riding along the Blaeberry River


Canoeing on the Columbia River

Enjoy the View

Hiking on top of the world

Twins on Horses

Bugaboo Mountains

Bear in the Backyard

Purcell Mountains

Moberly Peak

Ski Touring Peaks

Skiing Tours

Blaeberry Mountain Lodge

Skiing Touring

Hiking the David Thompson

Horseback Riding

Winter Cabin

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