Blaeberry Mountain Lodge and Adventure Tours, Golden, British Columbia, Canada. Your hosts take pride in offering accommodation in their lodge and cabins for visitors from all over the world.


About our place...

Christian Jorimann immigrated from Switzerland with other Swiss Guides around 1900 and spent some time at Field, guiding tourists for the CPR. He later homesteaded in Moberly. He chose this very picturesque mountain location and spent a great deal of time cutting and grading a trail up the green mountain behind his house. He had hoped to take tourists privately up into that alpine paradise.

The Jorimann Family from Switzerland

In the early fourties a fire got out of control. It burned a great area of the green mountain behind his farm. His dream never materialized and he passed away suddenly in 1948 at the age of 75.

Today your hosts are Rainer Grund and Renate Polzer. We moved here from Germany in 1992 with our family.

Rainer & Renate

Your host Rainer hiking to the top of "Red Indian Mountain".

Renate cross country skiing in the Blaeberry Valley.

We started our business in 1994 when we completed the Lodge and later added Cabins and Cedar Log Cottage. Following the footsteps of Jorimann we are re-opening his trail up the mountain behind our property. The trail will take hikers to untouched alpine meadows surrounded by glaciers.

The Lodge Two Cabins

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